At Home in Africa was a 2014 exhibition held at the Galleries at Cleveland State University.

It opened the doors of African homes, looking at their exteriors, layout and contents, from pots to cooking and serving utensils, furnishings, clothing and sacred corners. After general examinations that crossed the continent, a closer spotlight illuminated the homes of the Tuareg, Fulani, Bamana, Hausa, Nupe, Asante, Yoruba, Cameroon Grassfields, Kuba and Zulu communities.

For the richly illustrated ebook for Kindle, click HERE. For the Apple iBook, click HERE. Those interested in the $35 hardcover version should contact the Galleries at CSU via Tim Knapp at

For the At Home in Africa website, click HERE; it includes images, lesson plans and other resources. For the exhibition's over-5000 pin Pinterest account, click HERE. For the archived blog, click HERE, and for the musical playlist, click HERE.