It looked at the art and ceremony of Benin's palace, its Oba, and its chiefs.

For the richly illustrated 259-page catalogue, click HERE. Its six chapters examine palace festivals, settings, the dress and accessories of the monarch and his chiefs, the labor and leisure of everyday life, the impact of Benin's regalia on neighboring states, and the continuing spread of its imagery throughout the world. Each chapter concludes with individual essays about the objects in the exhibition.

For the extensive exhibition-related website, click HERE (sorry, Apple users--it requires Flash). Be sure to check the site map; it includes the pieces, installation shots, educational resources, childrens' activities, information on visiting Benin, Edo names and proverbs, video links and much more.

For the archived blog that was active for the length of the exhibition, click HERE. It discusses various aspects of Benin art and culture.